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4 sections of the spinal cord

One element of a spinal cord injury that has a big impact on your healing is the location of the injury. Effects from the damage always occur below the level of the injury, which means that more impacts are usually felt when they are higher on the spine.

There are four sections of the spinal cord. Knowing what each section does can help you to understand how your life might change because it can let you know what parts of your body will suffer effects.

Shared parenting law is benefiting Kentucky residents

Child custody matters have long been an issue viewed as one side against the other. A law that was implemented partially in 2017 and put fully into effect a year later in Kentucky is showing that this doesn't have to be the case. The state was the first in the country to implement a shared parenting law, which was considered the most popular law in Kentucky that year.

The Administrative Office of the Courts issued a new report that the law is having a positive effect here. The number of family law cases hitting the caseload of the courts is going down despite the increase in population. This gives the court the chance to focus on the complex cases and those that involve domestic violence.

Combat a potential financial disaster due to divorce

Making the transition from being married to being a single person is a challenge for many reasons. You have to figure out what works for you, but you also have to consider what is best for the children. One area that might be especially difficult to work through is the budget. There are a lot of factors that will impact what your finances look like after the divorce.

Some people don't factor in the costs of divorce. This includes various expenses such as lawyer fees and court costs. The uptick in initial expenses is shocking to some, but your goal should be making it through that period as best as you can so you can settle in with a new financial future when the divorce is over.

Alternative sentences are used to address some convictions

The criminal justice system has many tools at its disposal to handle convictions. It is imperative that these aren't too harsh for the crime, but they shouldn't be easy either.

The purpose of the criminal justice system is ultimately to punish people who commit crimes. Really, it shouldn't stop there. The sentences should also help create more responsible citizens who will be able to stay out of trouble. However, the person who is sentenced has to want this to happen.

Keeping your focus in divorce can increase peace

When you are going through a divorce, you have to think about what is truly important to you. One thing you should be prepared for is that you will likely have to work with your ex to figure some aspects of the divorce out. While there is a chance that your case will go through a trial, being able to agree on the terms of the divorce can be beneficial.

Some adults opt to try mediation or other forms of collaborative divorce. In these cases, you might find that you are dealing with a process that is stressful and relaxed at the same time. You will have to try to compromise with your ex so you can get through things as quickly and easily as possible, but this doesn't mean that you should avoid thinking about what's best for you.

A do-it-yourself divorce isn't right for everyone

Divorces are considered common occurrences these days. But this doesn't mean that you don't need to take steps to protect yourself if you are going through a divorce. The legal end of a marriage is a big undertaking, so be sure that you know what to expect during the process. Some people may assume that divorce is easy and may want to save money by using a do-it-yourself method to get the petition filed. Anyone considering this option should take a closer look at the myths associated with a DIY divorce.

Some people assume that not retaining a lawyer is less expensive than using one. This might not be true because you might actually lose money on the property division and other similar matters. When you are in this position, you have to remember that your ex isn't going to protect you even if they did when you were married.

Truckers must never succumb to distractions on the road

Semitruck safety has to be a priority for the truckers, the trucking company, and the clients who hire these companies. Truckers control those large rigs. Trucking companies are responsible because they set the protocol for their employees. Clients should also care because trying to force unrealistic delivery times can lead to the drivers having to take unsafe measures.

While these vehicles are on the roads, truckers have to ensure that they are fully able to control the vehicle. Part of this means taking evasive maneuvers when necessary to avoid getting into an accident. Lack of proper evasive action can lead to a safety-critical event.

Shoulder pain can lead to costly medical care and missed work

Many injuries can occur at work, but most people think about their back hurting because of work-related issues. While this is the most common type, another can cause just as many problems for workers. Shoulder injuries are the second most common musculoskeletal injury in the workforce. Around 18 to 26% of adults have pain in the shoulder.

One factor that makes shoulder injuries difficult is that pain here can sometimes signal problems in other areas of the body. It can be challenging to narrow down the cause of the pain, which can lead to a lot of testing and medical care. It might be easier for the doctor to narrow down the cause of the pain if there is a single-incident accident that occurred prior to the shoulder pain.

A workaholic might cause the end of their marriage

A workaholic is a person who focuses almost solely their career. This can make it difficult for them to have a meaningful relationship and might end up costing them their marriage. For the spouses of these individuals, living through the problems can be a huge challenge. In some cases, it might lead to divorce if the problems aren't addressed in a timely manner.

One of the primary issues with a workaholic is that they aren't emotionally available to their spouse. This makes it hard to keep the marriage going because the nonworkaholic thinks they aren't important. There isn't the ability to speak about important matters related to the relationship or the home.

Texting at the wheel plays a role in many Kentucky collisions

Although mobile phones have made distracted driving more overt and noticeable, they certainly aren't the origin for this particular safety issue. People have found excuses to focus on anything other than the road in front of them while driving since vehicles were primarily pulled by horses. It's just more apparent when someone has a phone in their hand.

In fact, an analysis of federal crash statistics indicates that roughly four out of every five collisions relate directly to distraction on the part of one of the drivers involved during the three seconds leading up to the crash. About two-thirds of near-collisions also involve distraction.

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