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Understanding Workers’ Compensation In Kentucky

Employees often miss work, lose wages and become encumbered with major medical bills and related expenses when they suffer from an unfortunate work accident.

Fortunately, workers who are injured or suffer an occupational disease during the course of their job duties are entitled to recover workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Medical care, including doctor visits, surgeries and physical therapy
  • Lost wages, including either temporary or permanent disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation, for individuals who need assistance with job training

Death benefits are also available for family members who have tragically lost loved ones in workplace accidents.

Helping You With All Aspects Of The Process

At Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks & Baechtold, we can help. We have been assisting individuals in Richmond, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas since 1916.

The legal team at our well-established firm has the knowledge, experience and skill to guide you through all facets of the workers’ comp process.

Personalized, One-On-One Guidance

Our legal team provides the personal attention many other lawyers simply don’t provide. Working with us means that you will have a lawyer by your side who knows the law (including recent changes). A lawyer from our office will clearly answer your questions, calm your fears and guide you through the process step by step.

We can help you file all the necessary paperwork. We can also help you with the appeals process and fight to get you the benefits you deserve. Our attorneys will fight on behalf of you in a variety of workers’ compensation cases, such as CRPS.

Don’t Navigate The Process On Your Own. Let Us Help.

Don’t attempt to navigate this process on your own. A modest investment in a skilled workers’ compensation attorney can substantially improve your chances for success.

If you live in Richmond or Madison County, Kentucky, or surrounding counties, contact our office to discuss your work injury.

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