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Dangers of dump trucks on construction sites

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Dump trucks are found on many construction sites, including those for homes, businesses and roadways. These massive vehicles can bring in materials, such as dirt and gravel. They can also haul out materials and debris.

Because of the size and weight of these massive construction vehicles, safety around them must be a priority. Any incidents involving dump trucks can lead to catastrophic injuries for the individuals involved.

Dump truck tipovers

Tipovers are a primary concern when dump trucks are on a construction site. This is more common if the ground is uneven, the roads are too narrow, the ground can’t support the weight of the dump truck or the tire pressure isn’t correct. Another issue is the improper loading of the dump truck. When the dump truck is overloaded or if the load in the dump truck is loaded unevenly, it can tip over. This is especially important if the conditions are windy.

Struck-by hazards

Dump truck drivers should ensure they’re paying close attention to the area around their vehicle. Having a spotter is sometimes necessary to ensure that the dump truck doesn’t run over anyone. Another consideration for struck-by hazards occurs when the dump truck cargo is dumped. A clear area must be marked so workers know where to avoid. Remember, materials will often spread as they’re dumped, so the worker-free dump zone must be large.

Electrical lines

Electrical lines around the worksite are a hazard for dump trucks. Knowing the location of these lines and how they relate to the dump truck is important. When the bed is being raised, ample clearance must be ensured to avoid touching those electrical lines.

Construction crews who are around dump trucks must always work safely. This includes taking the time to learn the travel paths for these vehicles. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries are possible if anything goes amiss with the dump truck. Those injured workers should be able to count on workers’ compensation to cover the expenses of their injuries. Getting the benefits they’re due may require them to file an appeal, which is often easier with the assistance of a legal representative.