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4 causes of warehouse injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

A lot of people make their living by working in warehouses. Many warehouse jobs pay good salaries and provide many benefits, such as workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits could help support workers if they were injured while working. Some benefits of workers’ compensation could help pay medical bills and provide lost wages.

How might a worker be injured in a warehouse? Here are a few examples:  

1. Forklifts

Of the many dangers of warehouse work, forklifts may be the most dangerous. Forklifts are a lot more dangerous than many people realize. Just like other motorized vehicles, a forklift can collide with other vehicles and workers. Injuries from forklift crashes can lead to traumatic brain and spine injuries. 

Furthermore, forklifts have prongs to help lift heavy crates. These prongs are often flat and sharp at the end. In a collision, the prongs could puncture workers and cause fatal injuries. 

2. Chemical burns

Many of the shipments that warehouse workers handle contain hazardous chemicals. These chemicals are typically labeled so that workers are aware of the dangers of the chemicals. If these shipments break during transport or because of mishandling, then workers could be exposed to chemical burns. Chemical burns can harm workers by damaging their skin, lungs and internal organs.

3. Overexertion 

Overexertion affects many workers. If workers improperly lift boxes, they could strain their backs and muscles. These kinds of injuries often happen because workers are not trained properly. 

4. Overheating

Summer has gotten hotter and hotter. Many warehouses aren’t equipped to tackle these rising temperatures. Workers may suffer from overheating. Overheating can cause workers to feel nauseous and blackout. 

Workers who suffer from injuries while working may need to learn about their legal rights when seeing workers’ compensation.