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What is the deadliest day of the year for pedestrian crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Personal Injury

When vehicles strike people in pedestrian collisions, the impact can result in severe injury or even death. Even at low speeds, motor vehicles are capable of inflicting extreme physical damage on the human body, and it only takes a moment of distraction for a motorist to cause a life-altering crash.

It is generally advisable for pedestrians to be very cautious when they must walk, jog or run on roads traveled by vehicles. One of the ways that pedestrians can improve their personal safety is by identifying factors that increase their risk of harm. Timing plays a major role in many pedestrian crashes. The majority of fatal pedestrian crashes occur after dark, and there’s one day each year when more pedestrians die than on any other day.

Halloween is the deadliest day for pedestrians

It is easy for even a casual observer to understand why Halloween is such a dangerous day on the streets. Children of all ages and also adults will be out on the road in large numbers. Children may be so excited because of social activity and sugar that they forgo best practices and run out into the street without checking for oncoming traffic. Adults celebrating on Halloween often involve alcohol in their celebrations and could very well step out into traffic at an inopportune moment as a result.

Regardless of what day of the week Halloween falls on each year, it is statistically the deadliest day for pedestrians to be out on the road. Other holidays tend to see a surge in traffic incidents specifically when they fall on the weekend or to have surges in crashes that occur on the weekend right before or after the holiday. With Halloween, it is usually the actual day that is the most dangerous.

How people can alter this trend

Regardless of when a community celebrates Halloween, motorists and pedestrians alike can take steps to enhance safety. Pedestrians can cross in lit areas and watch for traffic before entering the street. They may also want to incorporate visibility gear into their costumes, such as flashing or illuminated accessories. Motorists may want to stay off the street after dark on Halloween when possible or make watching for pedestrians their first priority if they must be out on the road.

Identifying when one’s risk of harm is higher can be one way for people to reduce their chances of experiencing a potentially life-altering pedestrian crash, as this understanding can allow pedestrians to make more informed choices about where they walk and when.