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When can a child custody order be altered?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Family Law

Parents who divorce often have to make child custody orders to ensure that each parent can uphold their rights and responsibilities. 

Child custody orders aren’t a one-and-done kind of legal document. They may be made, remade and revised over the course of a child’s upbringing. Here’s when a child custody order may need updating:

When both parents agree to make a change

Changing a child custody order may be as simple as asking the other parent if the agreement could be altered. You may find that not only does your child’s other parent agree to the change but that they may have wanted to make the change themself. 

When a child’s needs and wants change

Child custody orders, typically, change because children have grown out of their old needs and wants. Maybe your child wants to start an after-school club or sport and needs you to pick them up later in the day. Or, your child wishes to spend more time with you than their other parent.

When one or both parents plan to move

Many people want to move from where they live to their dream homes. However, this can create issues for parents following a child custody order. If a move harms a child’s well-being, then a custody order may need to be changed.

When a parent refuses to follow the agreement

Parents often have to make a lot of considerations when making a child custody order. However, once a custody order is made, it doesn’t mean one parent will follow their obligations. If a parent is making it hard on the other by refusing to follow an agreement, then there may need to be a new agreement. 

If you believe you need to alter a child custody order, then it could be in your best interests to understand your legal options when considering the upbringing of your child.