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Why people may need help with insurance after a big-rig collision

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Truck Accidents

People typically recognize that they need a lawyer’s help to navigate a lawsuit or a criminal case, but quite a few people think that they can handle other major transactions without professional support. Large insurance claims are a perfect example. Possibly in part because insurance companies aggressively advertise themselves as friendly to consumers, many people mistakenly think that they can handle the process of filing a sizable claim and negotiating with an insurance provider after a crash without any reason for concern.

The average driver who is affected by a collision often struggles to assert themselves even when making a minimal claim after a minor crash. Those who have been affected by a commercial vehicle crash, which may have caused catastrophic damage, will have an even harder time successfully negotiating an insurance claim without help.

Insurance companies become aggressive when they have a lot to lose

The larger a policy is, the more the insurance company could end up paying after a successful claim. Most large commercial trucks will have at least $750,000 of liability coverage, and many commercial vehicles have multi-million-dollar policies.

Obviously, the insurance company and the people that work for it will have a powerful incentive to try to keep the payout on claims of slow as possible. Insurance employees are subject to laws that require that they operate in good faith, but they will often use intense negotiating tactics, such as trying to trick people into implicating themselves or refusing to communicate at all.

They will also frequently offer a settlement that is well below what they realize the crash will cost someone. A lawyer will be familiar with the negotiation tactics employed by insurance professionals. They will not only have an understanding of how to counter such tactics, but they will also be in a position to quickly recognize when an insurance company has violated the law and begun to act in bad faith.

An attorney will also be able to remain calm throughout the claims process, which may prove difficult for someone frustrated by never-ending red tape or unsuccessful negotiations with an insurance adjuster. Finally, a lawyer will have the necessary experience with the process of putting a value on an injury. Many people struggle to demand an appropriate amount of compensation during settlement negotiations because they fail to consider the long-term consequences.

Seeking legal guidance after a commercial vehicle collision can help someone focus on caring for themselves or their family instead of reviewing insurance paperwork and trying to educate themselves about state law.