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What happens after a crash caused by someone without insurance?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Car Accidents

When motor vehicles collide, the damage caused is often incredibly expensive. Just the cost to repair the vehicles involved will likely be thousands of dollars, and scenarios that leave cars unsafe to drive might require that people replace their vehicles.

If someone gets hurt in the crash, the costs will be even higher. Emergency trauma care, surgery and physical therapy that may be necessary after a major car crash could cost tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes far more. The people hurt in the crash could also have lost wages if their injuries keep them from working.

Typically, those affected by a crash will expect to receive compensation from an insurance company. However, the drivers who cause crashes in Kentucky don’t always have insurance, even though the state requires this coverage.

Uninsured drivers are a problem for everyone

A driver’s insurance coverage protects other people from the damage they cause, which means the choices of those without insurance can drastically affect the lives of others. Unfortunately, uninsured driving is a very common issue in Kentucky.

Kentucky has a relatively high rate of drivers allowing their insurance coverage to lapse or canceling their policies after renewing their vehicle registration. Information gathered in 2019, the most recent year with an analysis available, shows that roughly 13.9% of Kentucky drivers don’t have insurance.

They could put someone in the hospital and make their vehicle unsafe to drive with a simple mistake at the wheel, and their negligence or poor decision to cancel a policy will mean that the people they hurt are the ones left scrambling for financial support.

Lawsuits often result after crashes without insurance coverage

Causing a crash without insurance can leave someone vulnerable to civil claims. Part of the reason insurance is so important is that it protects individuals from liability. Those harmed in a crash by someone without insurance can pursue a personal injury lawsuit by showing that something the other party did or failed to do something that caused the crash, therefore making them responsible for the numerous financial losses that resulted.

Demanding justice via a personal injury lawsuit is a common choice made by those who have been hurt in a car crash caused by someone without insurance. Seeking legal guidance can help someone to navigate this process as successfully as possible under the circumstances.