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FMCSA analyzes truck accidents and why they happen

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are a common cause of injuries and fatalities in Kentucky. Since trucks are integral to delivering goods and provide many jobs and benefits across the nation, they are a necessity. While most drivers adhere to the law and focus on safety, there are still issues that can arise that can lead to a crash. Those who have been impacted by a collision and been hurt or lost a loved one should understand important points about truck safety and how a lack of vigilance could have contributed to the accident. Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had a discussion with experts on the topic.

Factors that enhance and harm truck safety

Panelists at the FMCSA gathering said that culture is a fundamental part of safety for truckers and drivers they share the road with. If the company emphasizes safety from the top and does not influence drivers to bend or break the rules of safety, this can help to avoid crashes due to drowsy trucking, substance abuse and speeding. Even with that, there is a misplaced belief that adhering to the FMCSA mandates for truckers will automatically imply safety. The minimum amount of compliance might prevent being cited, but it does not necessarily mean the driver is behaving in a safe manner.

Strategies that have been successful at improving safety have included increased communication between the trucker and the company with the freedom to make independent decisions for safety. An example is stopping when there are inclement weather conditions even if it means the delivery might be delayed. The hiring process is essential as the right drivers with the proper training and credentials keeps people who should not be on the road from placing others at risk. Technological advancements were also referenced as a boon to safe trucking.

Even with government and employer oversight, truck accidents still occur

Despite the attempts to make the roads safer, people in passenger vehicles are vulnerable to being catastrophically injured and killed in a truck crash. Truckers who are committing violations, stay on the road too long for a stretch, are distracted, commit DUIs, or drive recklessly can cause an accident. Those who were involved may face massive medical costs, lost wages and long-term problems as they try to recover. Assistance from those experienced in truck accidents may find the cause and help with pursuing compensation in a legal filing.