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What workers’ compensation benefits are available in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Injured workers in Kentucky who have been injured on-the-job should know what their workers’ compensation rights and benefits are. Workers’ compensation rights and benefits provide important protections that injured victims and their families should be familiar with.

Different types of workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers through the recovery process include:

  • Medical care payments
  • Wage replacement payments subject to certain limits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits

Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits are considered a set of benefits that provides broad coverage for injured workers. Workers can receive workers’ compensation benefits for workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. Workers may be able to receive benefits for physical injuries and mental injuries that are caused by the physical injuries the worker suffered.

Injured workers should also be familiar with the process to claim workers’ compensation benefits when they need them. Injured workers should notify their employer of the workplace accident and their injury as soon as they are able. In addition, injured workers have 2 years to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Injured workers may wonder if they are able to choose their own medical care provider. In situations when the employer does not have a managed care plan, the injured worker may choose their own doctor. There is a form injured workers must fill out to choose their own doctor and injured workers should also be familiar with the time period for returning it.

Lastly, injured workers who have had their claim for workers’ compensation benefits denied can request resolution from Department of Workers’ Claims if they disagree with the denial. If they disagree with that determination, the injured worker can appeal to an administrative law judge.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide valuable aid to injured workers and their families during a difficult time and can help with their medical care and daily needs. As a result, injured workers should be familiar with what they include and all phases of the process so they can access the benefits when they need them most.