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Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Have Long-Term Effects on Victims

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Personal Injury

A car accident can leave a Kentucky victim with any number of injuries. While many victims of vehicle collisions sustain minor harm such as cuts and bruises, others suffer serious trauma that may impact their long-term health. In the wake of a car accident it is important for victims to seek medical help to ensure that their ailments, however minor, are evaluated and properly treated.

One serious type of injury that can cause significant hardship in the life of a car accident victim is traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries (often called TBI) can be open or closed. A closed TBI occurs when an impact harms the brain internally; an open TBI occurs when an object enters the brain through a penetrating event.

When the brain is harmed by a closed or open TBI, practically every aspect of a person’s health can be affected. Balance, coordination, and memory can all suffer due to this form of harm, and pain and disorientation can be permanent consequences of the trauma. A TBI injury can cause muscle strength and control problems, mood changes, and even respiratory complications.

Not every victim of TBI is able to return to their full pre-injury life. Some require ongoing medical and occupational care to get through their daily lives. The costs associated with these long-term forms of rehabilitation can be extensive and overwhelming for individuals already coping with significant personal loss.

When a serious injury like TBI results from a car accident, a victim should take care of their physical health and get the medical assistance that they need. When they are able, they may consider speaking with personal injury attorneys. Legal professionals who represent car accident victims can advice their clients of their possible options and rights to seek the recovery of their accident-related losses.