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Mandatory minimum sentences are a factor in defense strategies

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2019 | Criminal Defense

People who are facing criminal charges have to think carefully handling their defense strategy. For some, the primary concern is how much time they are facing in prison if they are convicted. While some individuals might be able to avoid incarceration with certain defense strategies, there are some charges that come with mandatory minimum sentences. This point must be considered when you are planning your defense if it is a factor for your charge.

There are many sentence types that are possible in criminal cases. Evaluating these and determining whether they meet the goals of the prosecution’s case can help you to figure out what might happen. For example, crimes against a person might have a goal of providing closure for the victim and their family members.

Mandatory sentences are typically reserved for crimes that are considered serious. Some drug charges, certain murder charges and the three-strikes laws can involve this type of sentence. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t without controversy. Many individuals think that mandatory minimum sentences take away the ability of the court to hand down punishments based on the circumstances of the crime.

Proponents of mandatory minimum sentences note that the possibility of having to face a specific prison sentence should encourage people to follow the laws. They also note that this is a way for individuals to have time to undergo rehabilitation so they can live a socially acceptable life.

If you are facing a charge that comes with a mandatory minimum sentence, you need to think carefully about your defense options. In certain cases, things like plea deals might make a difference.