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Truck drivers, sleep deprivation and crash prevention

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Kentucky roads have long been familiar with the giants on wheels that travel alongside other vehicles. Semi-trailer truck driving plays a major role in today’s economy; without truck drivers, the country would be drastically different. As vital as this industry may be, many do not stop to think about the health of the employees themselves. Could lack of sleep be one of the biggest hazards for truck drivers and everyone else on the road?

ABC News released an article in 2014 that appears to coincide with the aforementioned concerns. Voicing issues with trucking companies that pressure drivers to stay on the clock even when sleep deprived, ABC notes that just one mistake can lead to drastic measures. Nevertheless, an overwhelming number of truckers face strict deadlines with unrealistic timeframes to complete tasks. Some drivers even manipulate work logs in order to gain more work hours in the day. Whichever the case, ABC echoes concerns of many by highlighting tragic wrecks caused by drivers who simply did not have adequate rest before clocking in. 

Over the years, experts have spoken out over the trucking industry and its grueling hours. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide a list of steps employees can take to avoid truck accidents due to sleep deprivation, first stressing that lack of sleep can increase a driver’s risk for drowsy driving and accidents. The CDC notes that truck drivers may benefit from maintaining routines; doing so can make room for adequate rest. Timing sleep breaks with other stops can also help drivers avoid frightening situations. Many would agree that the nation as a whole could focus more heavily on the importance of sleep, but the sheer nature of the trucking industry makes this aspect of working life especially crucial.