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The ins and outs of Kentucky’s reckless driving laws

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Car Accidents, Traffic Violations, Truck Accidents

When life throws a curveball into one’s plans, time can be of the essence. It is for this reason, and many others, that countless Kentucky drivers face dangerous wrecks on the road. While Kentucky has relatively lenient reckless driving laws as compared to other states, a single charge can come with many lasting consequences. 

Many drivers may express confusion over what constitutes reckless driving in the first place. Surprising to some, a person does not have to be driving 100 miles per hour or oscillating in and out of lanes to face a reckless driving conviction. Instead, just one illegal pass or a small stretch of speeding could land one in a serious situation. 

In Context

As WalletHub portrays through a series of statistics, those facing reckless driving charges in one state could have entirely different repercussions than in another part of the country. Of the roughly $40 billion in damages that speeding alone costs the country, Colorado had the strictest reckless driving laws (and some of the highest costing fees). Kentucky ranked number 41. The state also had some of the lowest speeding ticket costs, with an average of $100. 

The System

Like most states, Kentucky uses a point system to gauge a driver’s overall negligence. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet shares that reckless driving results in an added four points to a driver’s record; all drivers start with zero points. Any drivers caught exceeding the speed limit of over 26 miles per hour could face a license suspension. Racing other drivers comes with same consequences. Of course, different regulations apply to those under 18, and the KYTC also adds that anyone with a revoked license must follow specific guidelines to regain this driving privilege.