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Dealing with the many stages of divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is a truth many Kentucky couples must face, and while starting a new chapter can be exciting, getting through the harder aspects can present numerous obstacles. Those with children must tackle child custody and support, as well as living arrangements and an entirely new routine. With the many rocky emotions that can come with difficult separations, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet as isolating as this major life change may seem, millions go through divorce and walk away with happier and healthier lives.

Lifestyle magazine Live About shares some helpful strategies for getting through the divorce process, all while maintaining a positive outlook. First and foremost, paying attention to one’s emotional needs can help clarify a situation and ease tension. One way to combat anxiety, for example, is to stay physically active and attentive to one’s well being. Live About adds that going out of comfort zones can also alleviate stress and provide distractions in upsetting times that seem to consume all of life’s joys. And while some may be inevitable, it is also wise to avoid making brash decisions in times that can leave one mentally vulnerable.

Self-care is essential in any relationship, no matter the stage. Parents Magazine looks at divorce through the lens of a family situation, wherein children must also go through the separation, acknowledging that dealing with children and divorce can make a problem seem magnified. Parents urge those going through divorce to keep communication a top priority. Letting children know they are loved and that they are not at fault is crucial during this time. Another potential challenge involves visitation hours — parents may need to modify visitation arrangements to best fit a child’s schedule. Although this tip may seem apparent, fighting in front of children could make a situation worse by exposing them to adult issues. A current situation may seem never-ending, but there are many strategies parents can use to make the divorce process smoother for everyone.