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Why you should defend yourself against a traffic offense

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Traffic Violations

A traffic offense may not seem like a big deal, but it has the potential to bring serious consequences to your life. From traffic tickets to parking violations, it is important not to underestimate the repercussions of these types of crimes, but to respond appropriately with a strong defense with the help of an experienced Kentucky attorney.

Should I plead guilty?

Many people believe that it is best to simply pay the ticket and move on with their lives, but in reality, the consequences of this decision can be far more significant than just a fine. Essentially, simply paying the fine constitutes a guilty plea, which can result in the following:

  • Points added to a driver’s license
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Risk of license suspension

Even if you are guilty of the violation, it is wise to explore the other options, which may include traffic school as part of a plea agreement.

Why do you need an attorney to contest a ticket?

Fighting a ticket or disputing the circumstances of a traffic violation can be complicated, and it is always beneficial to secure the help of an experienced attorney. If it is worthwhile to fight a ticket according to the circumstances of your case, your lawyer may be able to accomplish the following on your behalf:

  • Ease the complication of the legal process
  • Secure reduction or dismissal of charges
  • Amend charges so that fines are reduced or eliminated
  • Reduce or eliminate points added to the driver’s license
  • Provide guidance in court appearances or at trial

While a traffic ticket will likely not lead to time behind bars, increased insurance rates and expensive fines can be detrimental to your life in many ways. It is always worthwhile to know how to best respond to a ticket, but it is especially important if you have previous traffic violations on your record.

Keeping your record clean and protecting your future interests

If you have a ticket or traffic violation of any kind already on your record, it may be possible to have this expunged. If you have paid your fines or met all of the terms of your sentence, you can seek to have this removed.

Whether you are fighting to keep your record clean and to avoid expensive fines from an initial traffic violation or you would like to clean your record of past infractions, you would be wise to seek the opinion of an experienced traffic violation attorney.