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How can a DUI conviction impact your career?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Everyone makes mistakes. However, not all mistakes are created equal. A series of challenging events that results in a DUI conviction can leave a lasting impact on various aspects of your life, including your career.

When it comes to applying for and finding work with a DUI conviction in your past, there are certain truths you’ll have to contend with. This is especially true if a potential employer insists on running a background check on you.

How long will a DUI remain on your record?

Kentucky has a zero-tolerance policy for DUI convictions. This means that a DUI conviction will remain on your record for life. However, Kentucky laws may permit you to expunge your DUI conviction. Basically, this means that while the conviction will remain on your record, potential employers will not see it when they run a background check on you if your conviction has been successfully expunged.

What about disclosing a past DUI to a potential employer?

Most employers will ask if you have any criminal convictions (including DUIs) during the recruitment process. You might be tempted to hide your DUI conviction and hope that the potential employer will not learn about it when they run a background check on you if your conviction has not been expunged.

However, if they find out about your DUI, they might cite that as a basis for disqualifying you from the role. This is especially true if you are seeking the following jobs:

  • Driving – including truck driving, school bus driving or even delivery driving
  • Teaching – if you work with kids, you might have a difficult time finding work after a DUI conviction
  • Jobs that involve handling confidential information
  • Most government jobs, including working in the disciplined forces.

Seeking help

Make no mistake, a DUI conviction is a big deal. If you are charged with drunk driving, it is in your very best interest that you understand and explore your legal options so you can have your charges either reduced or dismissed. In the event that you’ve already been convicted, understanding how to get your record expunged can help to mitigate the consequences you’re facing.