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How can color help you stay safe on the roads?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Car Accidents

Driver distraction is one of the leading factors that contribute to accidents on the roads. While every driver should be paying sufficient attention to notice everyone else, many are not. They miss things because they are focusing on things such as their phone or their passengers rather than what is happening around them.

Motorcyclists and cyclists also have to deal with the inattentional blindness of many drivers. The term refers to people failing to see things that are right in front of their eyes because they were not expecting them to be there. Drivers typically expect to see four-wheelers, not two-wheelers, so they may crash into someone on two wheels, who they looked straight past.

Thus, if you travel on two wheels, it makes sense to try and make yourself more visible to increase the chance that people spot you. You’re not obliged to, but it can help you stay safe.

Think about color, light, movement and positioning

Brighter colors can be all you need during the day. A light-colored helmet will be easier to spot in traffic than a light-colored bicycle frame because it is higher up, so less likely to be obscured by other vehicles.

At night you will need lights or reflective materials. To improve their efficiency, you should consider putting them in places that move. For example:

  • Flashing lights on a bicycle are easier to spot than constant ones.
  • Lights or reflective strips on an ankle or wheel (both of which move as you cycle) are more visible than ones on the handlebars or seat posts that do not move so much.

Crashes may still occur

These actions increase the chance a driver spots you, but they cannot guarantee it. Sometimes drivers are so wrapped up in something that they could hit you regardless. In this case, getting legal help to claim compensation will be crucial.