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Kentucky has some of the most dangerous roads in the country

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Kentucky has more than four million of people living in the state, and many of them have registered motor vehicles. Thousands of others may pass through Kentucky while transporting goods or driving to a vacation destination.

The average driver is in their vehicle multiple times a week, often to handle banal aspects of daily life such as getting to work. It is altogether too easy for people to forget how much risk driving on public roads actually entails.

Frequently, the crashes that occur in Kentucky are minor, but there are also many collisions that leave people with permanent injuries or claim people’s lives. Although people feel safe in general while driving, their chance of getting into a crash may be higher than they realize. In fact, Kentucky may be one of the most dangerous states in the country for modern drivers.

Kentucky is in the top 10 most dangerous states for drivers

According to researchers from the insurance industry looking at recent collision statistics, Kentucky’s roads are the sixth most dangerous in the country. To quantify danger levels, they looked at the number of fatal crashes and the overall condition of road surfaces.

Mississippi ranked as the first most dangerous state based on the condition of its roads and the number of fatal crashes on the state’s roads each year, but sixth place out of 50 states is still very high! Drivers in Kentucky are far more likely than those in most other states to die in a wreck.

How can you protect yourself?

There are numerous ways for you to minimize your personal risk related to the dangerous roads in Kentucky. You can buy vehicles that have excellent safety ratings to reduce your chance of a poor outcome after a crash and make their maintenance a priority.

You can review and improve the insurance coverage you carry to protect yourself from liability and to protect yourself from others without good insurance. You may even want to consider taking a course in defensive driving to remind you of how to reduce your risks by treating other drivers like potential threats. The right approach to traffic safety can make a major difference for those on the Kentucky roads.

Learning more about how to avoid motor vehicle collisions can be as helpful as knowing your rights after one occurs.