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3 tips for helping your child adjust to a new home

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Family Law

Divorcing means one parent will have to leave the marital home. This can be difficult for children to deal with because they have to learn how to live with only one parent in the home. They also have to adjust to a new home.

Making sure your child feels at home when they’re at your place is crucial. You can do several things that can increase the chances of this happening.

Give them a space

Your children should have a space they can call their own at your place. This can be a bedroom, but it can also be a smaller area. At a minimum, the kids will need a spot to keep things that are going to stay at your home. They also need somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep.

Let them help decorate

When you move into your home, be sure you make it child friendly. Letting the kids have a say in the decorating can help them to feel like they belong there. This doesn’t have to be major decisions, so find things they can help you decide. For example, they may be able to tell you what colors or theme they want for their room.

Create positive memories

Positive memories in your new home can help them to feel like it’s theirs. Consider having movie or game nights and doing fun activities when they’re with you.

You and your ex must work to ensure your child can thrive between the two homes. It is important to give your child the stability they need by providing them with a parenting team that loves them. Your parenting plan should include all the terms you and your ex agreed to. After the split, getting the plan ready as soon as possible can help everyone adjust.