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Can passengers claim compensation after a crash?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

The interesting thing about being a passenger in a vehicle that gets into a crash is that you have more than one opportunity to seek compensation. Not only do you have the ability to pursue a claim against the actual driver of your vehicle, you also have the potential claim against the at-fault driver to explore.

If you’re involved in a single-vehicle crash, the driver of your vehicle can be held accountable, and you can make a claim against their insurance. Additionally, if you have insurance, you may be able to request compensation from it as well.

In multi-vehicle crashes, you could make claims against many

Depending on what kinds of vehicles are involved in a crash, you could have the potential to pursue a claim against multiple people. For example, if you are in a crash with a semi-truck, you may be able to pursue a claim against the truck driver, their employer and your vehicle’s driver. You may also be able to claim against mechanics or others who played a role in the crash. If you’re in a bus crash, you could sue the driver or their employer.

In a single-vehicle crash, you still have options

As a passenger, you have to think of yourself as a separate individual in a single-vehicle crash. If a friend or family member was driving, you still have the option of pursuing a claim against them for compensation.

You have the right to make a claim against anyone who put you in harm’s way

If someone else caused your automobile crash, you have a right to pursue a claim against their insurance.

At the scene of the crash, exchange information with anyone else who is present and make sure you go to the hospital to get an examination. Once you know that you are medically stable, you can begin gathering evidence of your injuries as well as information about the crash to put together an insurance claim.

Your attorney will help you make your claim. If the insurance company tries to make a settlement offer, you will be informed and be able to decide if you want to take it, negotiate or refuse and go to court.