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What role does music play in pedestrian crashes?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

You might like to use your travel time to listen to music. Many drivers and pedestrians do. Yet doing so could increase the risk you end up in a collision.

If you are out on foot, the most dangerous point of the journey is crossing the road because it puts you into direct contact with drivers. So, if you are listening to music, removing your headphones before crossing is best. Not only does it unblock your ears and allow you to listen for vehicles, but it also removes a considerable distraction.

How does music distract people

When you put on a song, you might listen to the lyrics or focus on the drummer’s part.  You might even sing along or tap the steering wheel in time if driving. The song might also transport you elsewhere, reminding you of your last partner or the festival where you heard the band play it live last weekend.

All those things might seem insignificant, but even a tiny distraction could be the difference between avoiding a collision and having one.

Drivers have a greater responsibility because they will cause more harm

Drivers should never have music on through headphones, but even the in-car speakers can prevent them from hearing and focusing, especially if they crank the volume up. The type and tempo of music can also affect their driving, causing them to relax too much or to speed up and drive aggressively.

You will likely need considerable compensation if you are a pedestrian injured in a collision. Getting legal help to show that the driver was distracted by their music or to fight an insurer who claims you were distracted by your music makes getting it more likely.