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Documenting damage after a car accident to protect your rights

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is often a confusing and overwhelming situation. There’s likely a lot going on at the scene and you may not know what to do or where to turn. 

While it can be stressful, it’s important to document as much as you can about the situation while you are still at the scene. In the long run, this will help you recover the compensation deserved for any injuries and damages you sustain. 

Prioritize safety

Before gathering evidence or documenting what happened at an accident scene, you should first make sure you and your passengers are safe. If someone needs immediate medical attention, be sure to call an ambulance. Once these important steps have been taken, you can start gathering evidence. 

Get Photos

One of the best ways to preserve evidence at an accident scene is to take photos. You can take pictures of the position of the vehicles involved in the accident, damages to each vehicle and any signs or signals nearby. If you were injured in the accident, take photos of your injuries too. 

Obtain a police report

When the police arrive at the scene, they will take down information about the accident, including the names and insurance information of all parties involved. Be sure to request a copy of the police report so that you have the information that was recorded. 

Protect your rights

After a car accident, you need to take steps to protect your right to compensation. If you don’t gather evidence while it is still fresh, it may be lost or forgotten. By using the tips above, you can have the evidence needed to help prove your claim if you file a car accident lawsuit down the road.