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Will your work injury force you into a lower-paying profession?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

If you get hurt on the job, you may need time off to heal. Even if you don’t require bed rest, you probably can’t keep doing the same work until you recover. A work injury can mean reduced job functions for weeks until you fully heal.

The worse your injury is and the more demanding your job, the more likely you are to require accommodations from your employer to continue working. Assistive technology and different job responsibilities can help you stay on the job even when an injury or work-acquired medical condition keeps you from doing your usual tasks.

Especially in scenarios involving repetitive stress injuries related to someone’s job functions, it could be some time before a worker can return to their former job responsibilities. Sometimes, going back to the old work will mean that their symptoms start to worsen again. How does Kentucky workers’ compensation protect those who have to do lower-paid work because of a medical condition?

They can receive permanent partial disability benefits

The physical demands of your job can permanently affect your health and future earning potential, and workers’ compensation protects you from exactly that risk. Temporary partial disability benefits help you pay your bills if you have to take a cut in wages because of reduced job responsibilities during your treatment.

If you achieve maximum medical improvement for your condition and still cannot go back to your old job, then you may be a good candidate for permanent partial disability benefits. When your condition will always prevent you from earning the wage you once commanded, workers’ compensation can help pay some of the difference between your old wages and current wages.

Medical proof is key for permanent benefit claims

While workers’ compensation is there to protect employees, those working for the insurance companies also seek to limit how much each claim costs. Someone making a claim for permanent benefits will need to undergo adequate medical evaluation to establish the necessity of permanent benefits. They may also need help negotiating their claim, especially if the insurance company wants to offer a settlement.

Understanding the basic forms of workers’ compensation coverage can help those coping with the aftermath of a work injury.