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When a crash is unavoidable, your next goal is injury reduction

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

People talk about preventing or avoiding Richmond, Kentucky, car accidents. However, vehicle accidents will likely continue to occur despite our best efforts at prevention.

A car is like a home away from home. You outfit it to suit your style, and you probably tend to relax when you are driving. It is nice to own a comfortable, relaxing automobile, but do not get so relaxed that you become complacent about safety. Below are some tips that may help you reduce or avoid injuries in an imminent collision.

Always sit upright and do not slouch

The safest body position for drivers is sitting upright with both feet on the floor. If a crash occurs, this posture preserves safety by giving your feet access to brake and gas pedals. It also allows airbags to protect you as their design intends.

Adjust the seat for your body

Always slide your seat forward or backward according to your height and ensure that it is not tilted back. You should be able to reach the floorboard comfortably. If your seat is tilted too far back, it could increase your injuries in a crash scenario.

Adjust the headrest to prevent whiplash

The headrest in your car is not solely for comfort. When positioned correctly, it can prevent neck injuries such as whiplash. Your head should rest in its exact center when sitting naturally.

Adjust the steering wheel

Modern steering wheels have many positioning options. Make sure yours is pointed at your chest to avoid airbag injuries should a crash occur. Your steering wheel should never point in the direction of your face.

If you do suffer from injuries in a Kentucky car crash, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the accident and injury compensation options at your disposal.