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Why overloaded trucks are so dangerous 

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Truck Accidents

A vehicle collision between two cars can be devastating in itself. However, when larger trucks and commercial vehicles are added to the equation, the results can be even more catastrophic. 

Trucks and commercial vehicles are typically larger and much heavier than anything else on the road. Moreover, when trucks are overloaded with cargo, the potential risks are heightened significantly. 

Overloaded trucks are more likely to roll over

With overloaded trucks, there is a greater risk of rollover accidents. Generally, trucks may not be able to turn as sharply as other vehicles in a compact space. However, when overloaded, any sort of turn can become risky, as the vehicle can become unbalanced fairly easily. Additionally, trucks are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents when wind speeds are high. This risk only increases when the vehicle is overloaded. 

Overloaded trucks take longer to stop

Even at the best of times, trucks and commercial vehicles have a longer braking distance. However, when a vehicle is overloaded, the braking distance will be increased further. In fact, a load that is too heavy could place undue pressure on the braking systems, causing them to fail completely. 

Heavier loads increase the chance of mechanical failure

An overloaded truck could put pressure on a number of the vehicle’s key functions. For example, tires may be forced to bear a weight that they are not designed for. This could result in a tire blowout, which is potentially deadly when traveling at higher speeds. Additionally, there may be a chance that the axle of a truck completely fractures, leading to a horrific accident. 

Recognizing the potential dangers of overloaded vehicles could be in your best interests. In the event of a road traffic accident, there may be legal options available to you.