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What are the penalties for reckless driving in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Traffic Violations

In Kentucky, a person is guilty of reckless driving when they violate traffic laws and put those around them in danger. The conviction of this traffic offense comes with penalties like added points on the driving record, fines and a license revocation in some cases. However, everyone accused of this offense has the right to defend themselves in court to avoid the penalties.

What counts as reckless driving?

The courts in Kentucky determine that a person is guilty of reckless driving when they fail to operate a motor vehicle in a careful manner and with regard for the safety of others, as the law requires. A motorist is careless on the road if they drive over the speed limit, run red lights or do anything that is considered unsafe.

The penalties

A person who commits the traffic offense of reckless driving for the first time is subject to a fine between $20 and $100. First-time offenders will also have 4 points added to their driving records. In Kentucky, a person who accumulates 12 points in two years can lose their driving privileges. Those with a second or third conviction will also face fines and points on their driver’s license. However, third-time offenders may also lose their driving privileges for six months.

A driver’s right to defense

A charge for a traffic violation does not necessarily lead to a conviction. A driver could avoid the penalties of conviction if they prove that they were not driving recklessly or that they needed to violate the law for an extraordinary reason, such as to prevent an accident. Whatever the situation is, it is the driver’s right to challenge the authorities’ accusations and defend themselves in court.