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Intersections help make surface roads dangerous to drive

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

Multiple factors influence how much risk you have for a crash every time you drive. Weather conditions, the number of other vehicles on the road and speed can all contribute to major crashes. 

Many of the worst wrecks occur on highways and interstates because of higher speed limits and higher traffic density. However, a significant number of crashes occur each year at intersections, making them a major contributing factor to the risk involved in driving on surface streets.

Why do intersection crashes occur?

There are numerous reasons why intersections are so dangerous, but the primary one is that it requires that drivers observe and interact with each other. Inadequate surveillance is a major reason for crashes in the first place — meaning a driver doesn’t look around them before proceeding through the intersection. 

Another concern is inaccurate assumptions. When a driver doesn’t use their turn signal, for example, that could lead to a crash when others assume they will drive straight through the intersection. Being proactive might involve waiting an extra second at each intersection to observe the behavior of other drivers and make sure that they won’t make a mistake.

Richmond has safe intersections, but Lexington has some problems

There is actually a website that allows drivers to make reports about dangerous and obnoxious intersections. There are a dozen reported problematic intersections in nearby Lexington, Kentucky. 

Thankfully, Richmond, Kentucky has no reports of problematic intersections. That doesn’t mean that crashes don’t occur in Richmond, only that they may be the result of driver mistakes rather than bad design or dangerous roads. Understanding the risk on different roads can help you respond appropriately if you get hurt in a car crash. Working with an experienced advocate can help you claim the compensation you are due.