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Why people ask for help with workers’ comp agreements

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

People who get hurt on the job typically have workers’ compensation coverage. In Kentucky, workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance that companies carry to protect themselves from liability in case someone ends up sick or injured because of their job.


Workers’ compensation is mutually beneficial coverage because it prevents employers from having to absorb the huge expenses if someone gets hurt and also protects employees from the possibly lifelong consequences of a significant injury.


Should you handle a workers’ compensation claim on your own?

If you have already had to file an insurance claim or send documentation to your health insurance company, you may feel like you know how to navigate the insurance system. Unlike other common insurance claims, workers’ compensation claims in Kentucky quickly become bureaucratic and complicated.


A lot of people end up asking for help with the claims process. Even if they submit some of the initial paperwork on their own, it is common for people to seek professional help for negotiating and settling terms for a workers’ compensation agreement. Why is legal help often required for settling workers’ compensation claims?


There is a lot of paperwork and jargon involved

No one really likes to fill out pages of documentation about a medical condition or an event at work. That is exactly what you will have to do when submitting a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, you will have to be thorough and precise in how you fill out the paperwork and what documentation you submit if you hope to get the benefits that you need.


Understanding the specialized language or jargon of workers’ compensation claims and navigating the paperwork can be a job in and of itself. Getting professional help means that you don’t have to learn all of that to get benefits.


Negotiating a settlement often requires perseverance and perspective

Imagine having a back-and-forth conversation with a lawyer representing the insurance company. The outcome of this meeting could determine the amount of compensation you receive. Will you be able to stay calm, focused and convincing while arguing your side of the story? Will you know how to fight back against or ignore the psychological tricks that some people use during negotiations?


Since there is so much possibly on the table to lose when setting the agreement that determines what benefits and compensation you receive, having someone who knows how to negotiate and understands workers’ compensation laws can help you get a fair settlement offer and convert that into an enforceable agreement.


It’s important to understand that once you sign the agreement for your workers’ compensation claim, you typically won’t be in a position to negotiate for more benefits. Having help so that you get things right the first time will protect you against mistakes or gaps in knowledge that could cost you thousands of dollars of benefits.