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Prepare yourself for co-parenting

| Apr 2, 2021 | Family Law

When you divorce someone you share children with, you’ll still have to deal with them often. Trying to raise the children together means that you will need to ensure that you have a communication and teamwork plan. Your children can greatly benefit when both parents can work together

One of the most important things to remember is you and your ex should communicate directly with one another. You shouldn’t have your child be your intermediary.

Trying to have the children relay messages can put them in a precarious position, and it leaves room for them to relay messages incorrectly.

Keep messages short and respectful

Instead of trying to have long conversations with your ex, it might be best to keep things as short as possible. Doing so leaves less of a chance for things to be misconstrued. Being respectful may help to stop tense situations from occurring. Also, remember to take a step away if things get too tense except for in emergencies. 

Focus on the children

The children should be the sole focus of the conversations you have with your ex. Never try to focus on you or your ex. Instead, only think about what’s in the best interests of the children. This can help keep your co-parenting relationship on the right track. 

Having the parenting plan set as quickly as possible is beneficial to everyone involved. Your attorney can help you to ensure that the terms of the plan reflect what’s best for your children and that they provide the information you’ll need while raising the kids.