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How dangerous is driving in Richmond?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

Anytime that you get into your vehicle, you accept there is a danger. Roads full of speeding metal boxes will always carry a risk. The danger can vary depending on where you travel.

How many people die on Richmond’s roads?

According to Richmond road accident statistics, there were two fatal traffic accidents in 2019. Two people died, and two survived. The previous few years are similar, with between two and three fatal accidents and two to three deaths per year.

What is the most dangerous road in Richmond?

Crashes over the last few years have occurred in various places. There is at least one fatal crash on the I-75 most years, making it the most dangerous road in Richmond.

What is the most dangerous day of the week on Richmond roads?

Weekends are the most dangerous time, with Saturday being the most dangerous day, particularly Saturday pm.

What time of day are fatal crashes most likely?

These are the times of day that accidents occurred based on Richmond statistics for 1997 to 2019:

  • 56% daytime
  • 42% nighttime
  • 2% dawn

Of the nighttime accidents, just over half were on unlit roads.

Does bad weather make fatal crashes more likely?

Adverse weather conditions add risk. However, figures show that 79% of fatal crashes happened in clear weather.

How do emergency response times in Richmond compare to Kentucky?

If you are going to crash anywhere in Kentucky, Richmond is a good place to do it. Figures show emergency services arrive on the scene almost twice as fast in Richmond than the Kentucky average. You will get to the hospital in two-thirds of the time it would take the average Kentuckian. It can make the difference between dying and surviving a car crash with injuries.