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Woman charged with DUI and endangering deputies

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A 64-year-old Richmond, KY woman has been charged with multiple offenses after an incident I-75 North.  Deputies received report that a vehicle was unable to maintain its lane and was veering close to striking other vehicles.  Upon responding, they found the vehicle stopped in the middle lane of the interstate, with other vehicles being forced to swerve around it.

Deputies had to pull up behind the stopped vehicle in the middle of the roadway, thereby putting them in danger of being struck by another vehicle.  When their lights were activated, the suspect vehicle began moving again, and proceeded for approximately three miles before stopping.

When they approached the vehicle, deputies found an aerosol can next to the driver that was still cold, and a witness testified to having seen her inhaling from a can while driving.  A field sobriety test determined that she was intoxicated.  She was arrested and charged with first-degree wanton endangerment of a police officer, first-degree fleeing or evading police, and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Kentucky DUI sentencing depends on how many violations a driver has had over a certain period of time.  Sentences may range from $200 in fines and 48 hours in jail, up to $10,000 and five years in jail.  Any person who has been charged with DUI in the state of Kentucky can benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney who may be able to negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf.  It is not recommended that any documents be signed or conversations recorded without an attorney present.