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What are the basics about lawsuits based on car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Car Accidents

When Kentucky residents are involved in serious car accidents, it can be a life-changing event. Although the vast majority of car accidents are so-called “fender benders,” the reality is that much more severe results can occur when two or more vehicles collide. For those who are injured in car accidents due to another party’s negligent or reckless conduct, it may be possible to pursue financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

So, what are the basics of such a lawsuit based on a car accident? Well, for starters, the building blocks of a personal injury lawsuit based on this type of situation begin to form in the immediate aftermath of the car accident. For example, law enforcement officials will respond to the scene to document the accident and, in most cases, attempt to determine which party was at fault. That police report can become a crucial part of any given personal injury case. Photographs of the scene of the crash can also become important, as can the eyewitness accounts of anyone who actually observed the crash.

From there, when victims start to see medical bills pile up due to the treatment they need, looking for options to recover financial compensation is only natural. The victim – known as the “plaintiff” in a lawsuit – will need to properly identify the party to be held responsible in the lawsuit. The proper legal documents will need to be drafted and filed with the proper court, and then the responsible party – the “defendant” – will need to be served with those legal documents. That’s when the personal injury case begins.

Of course, actually proving the elements of a personal injury claim can sometimes be easier said than done. Kentucky residents who have been injured in a car accident will need to be sure that they receive the most accurate legal information when pursuing their personal injury claims.