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Social media posts could be used against people in divorce

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law

It is hard for people in Kentucky to escape social media with so many different sites for people to use. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. Many people are on at least one and many also use multiple different sites to post their photos of their various life activities and their thoughts on different matters. It can be addicting for some while others may occasionally check in to see what is happening in friends’ lives. However, no matter the frequency or the type of content posted, once it is out there it is very hard to take back.

People may try to delete a post, block certain people from seeing their posts and other methods, but once it is public those are not guaranteed ways of keeping them from people they do not want to see them. For example, even if one person is blocked from seeing posts, thet may have mutual friends and those friends can share what is posted or the posts may be in those mutual friends’ feeds and people will still see them. Also, even if people delete a post, people can take screen shots of it before being deleted and still have access to it.

These posts can also stay around for a long time. During a divorce these posts can come back to haunt people and be used as evidence against them in a trial. They could be posts showing people out at a party or bar and appear to be intoxicated. They could also show that people were other places than where they said they were. The posts may also show people next to a new car or some other expensive purchase which they have not disclosed or contradict people’s statements on their income levels.

Many people in Kentucky get divorced every year. There are many factors that go into making custody determinations, child support, asset division and other aspects of the divorce. Presenting evidence to show what kind of parent one might be or finding hidden assets is not always an easy process, but social media posts can make it a little easier. Experienced attorneys understand the evidence needed during a divorce and may be a useful resource.