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New barriers could help prevent head-on crashes on New Circle

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

Crashes happen. It’s a normal part of life and something that most people will go through at least once. The majority of cases will be mild, but some people will end up in collisions that are so significant that they see major changes in their lives.

Sometimes, there are changes that can be made to the environment to reduce the likelihood of such significant crashes happening. Take, for example, the high number of collisions that take place on New Circle Road in Lexington. The median barrier that is currently in place prevents crossover collisions between Richmond Road and Old Frankfort Pike. Unfortunately, many collisions happen just before that barrier begins.

A crash on Feb. 26 resulted in two people’s deaths just 800 feet away from that barrier. It’s not the first time that the area has seen collisions with injuries or deaths, either.

Fortunately, $50 million is earmarked for the project that would make the roadway six lanes wide with a concrete barrier wall between the lanes. Right now, barriers aren’t up all around New Circle, but the engineers say it just comes down to money. With funding, improvements will continue to be made.

Poor infrastructure is just one more possible threat to your safety on the roadways. If you have to travel in an area like New Circle Road, be patient and slow down. Congested roadways can make it hard to get where you want to go quickly or safely, but being cautious could help you see errors others are making and allow you enough time to maneuver. If you are hit, driving at a slower rate may help you reduce the risk of severe injuries.