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Deputy suffers serious injuries in head-on crash

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Truck Accidents

When a person isn’t paying attention and crosses the centerline, they put other drivers at risk. They may cause a head-on collision, which is one of the worst that you can be involved in.

That’s what happened in this case, according to a report from Mar. 12. The crash in Kentucky happened when a man crossed the center yellow line. It was then that he entered the path of a Warren County deputy and hit the officer head-on.

The deputy had to be flown to Vanderbilt Hospital for treatment. Fortunately, he had been listed as stable. The man who struck him was also injured, but he was released and placed into custody. He now faces serious charges including first-degree assault on a police officer, DUI and wanton endangerment.

When drivers drive recklessly, while impaired or when they are not paying attention, they put themselves and others at risk

It is not appropriate for drivers to be behind the wheel while they’re intoxicated and doing so could put their lives or the lives of others at risk. It’s important for anyone who is harmed in a truck accident to know that it is possible to hold negligent or reckless drivers responsible for their actions.

What should you do if you’re hit by a reckless driver?

If you are hit by a reckless driver, it’s smart to get a full medical exam and to get the medical care you need first. You can start a claim against them or their insurance once you are medically stable and have time to reach out to your attorney.