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Semitruck crash victims have 1 year to seek compensation

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Semitrucks play a critical role in this nation’s commerce. Most truckers on the road take pride in the safety record they have. Unfortunately, there are some out there who are just behind the wheel to make money as quickly as possible, even if that means they have to drive negligently.

Unsafe truckers can cause accidents that injure innocent people. These injuries can be severe, and sometimes fatal. For the people who are injured in these cases, expensive medical care and costly time off work are often part of life.

When you are injured by a semitruck, you have the right to seek compensation. Kentucky laws set a time limit of one year to get your case filed for a personal injury matter, so you need to act quickly. This means that you should start working on the case as soon as you can, but you also have to balance being able to heal.

One way that you can do this is to work closely with a lawyer who is familiar with the laws that apply to your case. This gives you a chance to focus on your health while they work on building the case against the liable parties.

Oftentimes, these cases have long-lasting impacts on the victims and their family members. This is often due to the lack of income from work while they are healing and the cost of the care they need. This can be challenging for everyone involved. For this reason, some victims opt to pursue a claim for compensation. Additionally, they might want to hold the liable party accountable for the damages.