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3 situations that might signal the end of a marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Divorce

There are many reasons why marriages don’t work out and end in a divorce. The dynamics of the relationship can sometimes provide a clue about where the union is heading. There are a few basic schools of thought and feelings that might be disastrous.

One marker to watch for is disempowerment. This occurs when one spouse doesn’t feel as though they are on the same level as the other person. They might feel as though they are unimportant and begin to search for ways to feel more respected and important. This might be done subconsciously, but it can be hard to overcome the damage once it is done.

Another marker is entitlement. This happens when one spouse begins to think that they deserve more than they are receiving in the marriage. Oftentimes, this leads them to seek those things outside of the marriage, which can lead to an affair.

A final marker is when one spouse avoids conflicts at the cost of their own happiness. This might be the case when they have been trained to always agree with their spouse. In many cases, the woman is the one who does this. Eventually, resentment builds up and the spouse takes a stand against the things they don’t want. The sudden empowerment usually isn’t met with a favorable response from the other spouse.

When your marriage is ending and you know that divorce is imminent, you need to review your rights and responsibilities so that you can maximize the chance that you will walk away with a settlement that sets you up in the most favorable manner possible.