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Positive thinking can help you transition to single parenthood

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Divorce, Family Law

Having children when you have gone through a divorce is often a challenge. Not only are you dealing with the transition to single parenting, but you also have to figure out how to move to a parenting relationship with your ex. It is easy to become overwhelmed during this process, but there are ways that you can reduce the likelihood that this will occur.

Try to keep things positive so that you and your children can thrive. Without this one point, your efforts might feel as if they are in vain because the negativity will consume your home.

Keep in contact

Coparenting isn’t likely going to work if you and your ex don’t communicate often. You will have to learn how to do this respectfully. It usually helps if your conversations always focus on what needs to happen for the children. Some parents can’t communicate verbally at first because the emotions are still too raw. There are other options, such as texts or messaging apps, that you can use to do this. Some parents continue to rely on these, but others are able to transition to verbal methods as time progresses.

Take care of yourself

Without taking care of yourself, you can’t do what needs to be done. Try to get some exercise and eat well. Even though it might seem impossible, also try to get enough sleep. Some people find that the transition to being a single parent is much more time-intensive than they expected. Endeavor to make a schedule that enables you to do what you need to care for yourself.

Focus on the good things

Making a gratitude list can be beneficial. This gives you time to focus on what’s going right during this transition. As you write out these things, you may realize that you’re doing much better than you thought. It doesn’t matter how big or small the entries are. What’s important is that you recognize the good things to help you keep a positive attitude.

When you first embark on this parenting journey, you might find that the hectic nature of change is the primary source of stress. Once you have a parenting plan in place, this can calm down. You can then focus on setting a schedule that is more consistent, which could help you and the children. As you work on the parenting plan with your ex, make sure that the focus remains on the children so that they have what they need.