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A do-it-yourself divorce isn’t right for everyone

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Divorce

Divorces are considered common occurrences these days. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take steps to protect yourself if you are going through a divorce. The legal end of a marriage is a big undertaking, so be sure that you know what to expect during the process. Some people may assume that divorce is easy and may want to save money by using a do-it-yourself method to get the petition filed. Anyone considering this option should take a closer look at the myths associated with a DIY divorce.

Some people assume that not retaining a lawyer is less expensive than using one. This might not be true because you might actually lose money on the property division and other similar matters. When you are in this position, you have to remember that your ex isn’t going to protect you even if they did when you were married.

Another misconception with a DIY divorce is that you can use it as long as you and your ex agree on everything. One area that can be challenging to handle is the child custody agrment. Even if you and your ex agree on who will be the main custodial parent, the court still has to approve the parenting plan. You must ensure that everything is designed to be best for the kids. If the court sees anything amiss, the agreement might not be approved.

Finally, a DIY divorce might not save you time. Filling out the divorce papers and getting them filed can be complex. You have to be sure you are filing the petition and all the other pleadings correctly. There is a chance that missing something could prolong the process.