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Social media activity to avoid during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Divorce

Social media is part of our cultural landscape. When initiating a divorce, you should avoid sharing the most private and intimate thoughts and details with your social network.

You cannot get a post back from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social media platform. It goes out to your social network and the public. Even if you take it down, it can be copied and redistributed.

Negative and harmful social media behavior

According to a Boston University study, social media use increased when marriage happiness decreased. You need to carefully consider all your actions and posts on social media, so you avoid making mistakes that harm you and others. You should closely monitor the content you share, so your privacy, kids and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are protected.

Common harmful social media behaviors include:

  • Announcing intentions: You’re in the middle of emotional turmoil and you want to release those emotions. As many people have claimed, a divorce is one of the most difficult events in a person’s life. If you’re about to file for divorce, don’t broadcast it to the world through social media. Instead, call a close friend or family member and share your feelings in private.
  • Denouncing your ex: Your contacts and friends on social media can provide support and assistance. However, you should not use social media as a tool to harm or embarrass your ex. It does not reflect well on you and it will only create tension during divorce proceedings.
  • Oversharing: Some have made the mistake of sharing way too much during a divorce. Private matters should remain private, and courts can review social media posts and issue judgements accordingly. Some have posted photos and other details about affairs and infidelity. This can be particularly harmful.
  • Spying on your spouse: If you’re worried about your ex’s behavior, you shouldn’t obsessively check their activity on social media. You will simply drive yourself crazy and make your situation more difficult.

The best path forward

You won’t solve any marital problems or divorce issues on social media, but you can definitely make matters worse. During a divorce, it’s often a lonely and confusing time that puts you through an emotional wringer.

However, you need to exercise good judgment and not succumb to your worst instincts. One way to avoid any negative backlash is to only post positive messages on social media. You should strive to conduct yourself with restraint, dignity and discretion.