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GE employee dies after fatal workplace accident

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

A longtime GE employee has died after sustaining fatal injuries in an accident. According to the Courier-Journal, Steven Herring was working on the refrigerator door line when he was pinned by a piece of equipment at the Louisville facility on Fri. Feb. 17.

He had injuries to his abdomen

First responders said he was conscious and alert when they picked him up. He was taken to University of Louisville Hospital where he underwent surgery for injuries to his abdomen.

Herring passed away on Sunday. He had worked at the facility for 24 years.

First fatal accident at the facility in over 30 years

It was the first workplace fatality at GE Appliance Park in more than 30 years. However, OSHA has fined the facility for multiple safety violations. Since 2010, GE was fined for 19 serious safety violations including mishandling equipment and failing to follow safety standards.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Louisville Metro Police and GE officials have all opened investigations into the fatal workplace accident.

Steven’s daughter, Ashley, described her father as a “goofy guy who was friendly and outgoing.”

A worker is injured every 7 seconds

The National Safety Council states every 7 seconds, a U.S. worker is injured at work. One of the top three causes of injury is contact with equipment or objects. Twenty-five percent of work injuries occur when a worker is struck by an object or equipment, caught in or compressed by equipment or objects or struck or crushed under collapsing structures, equipment or material.

Injured workers have the right to compensation

Workers’ compensation covers workplace injuries. An injured Kentucky worker can receive compensation for medical care, rehabilitation and partial payment for missed wages. For fatal accidents, the family of the deceased may also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

However, some employers may deny a claim or try to underpay on benefits. You have the right to full compensation for your injuries.