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Head-on collision in Oak Grove kills two

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Car Accidents

The many expenses that can result from a car accident in Richmond can vary greatly. Fortunately, many such accidents may only involve damage to the vehicles involved. Repair expenses can be costly, yet auto insurance may be able to cover them entirely (or facilitate the replacement of a vehicle that cannot be repaired). The same might be said for damage to property. Accidents that produce injuries, however, often prove to be the most expensive, both in terms of monetary costs and actual physical suffering. 

Sometimes, collisions produce results that no amount of money can compensate for. Such an assertion appears to be apt in the case of an accident involving two drivers that recently occurred in Oak Grove. The two were driving their vehicles in opposite directions along KY 115 when one of them (a 26-year-old from Oak Grove) suddenly crossed over into the oncoming lane and with other driver’s vehicle head on. Investigators are still trying to determine what made the driver (who died at the scene) lose control of the vehicle. 

First responders rushed the other motorist (a 17-year-old girl from Tennessee) to a local hospital, yet sadly, she later succumbed to her injuries. One might look at a case like this and wonder what more could come of it. In this (and similar scenarios), thought should be given to the families involved, along the voids now left in their lives (coupled with the actual expenses that comes from dealing with the death of a loved one). Sometimes it may only be through seeking compensation from the driver responsible (or his or her estate) that will allow those left behind to get through such a tragedy. Those needing assistance pursuing such action might find it in the form of an experienced attorney.