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Man arrested for killing soon-to-be ex-wife

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Divorce

It goes without saying that a good deal emotion is invoked when couples choose to divorce in Richmond. Issues such as property division, child support and alimony can promote contention between the parties involved (who already likely feel a degree of tension and animosity towards each other due to the circumstances that ended their marriages). The hope is that if that emotion does indeed manifest itself, it happens in a safe environment (such as a courtroom) where it can be easily controlled. However, it is impossible to know when emotional outbursts surrounding a divorce may occur, or how extensive their effects may be. 

Sadly, sometimes such incidents can end in tragedy. The recent case of a school administrator in Washington reaffirms this point. The woman had filed for divorce from her husband earlier this year. In her petition, she pointed out that he did own a gun, yet she made no objections to it, asking only that it be confined in his gun safe until their divorce proceedings had ended. Unfortunately, it appears as though her soon-to-be ex-husband failed to respect those wishes, as she was recently found dead in your home from multiple gunshot wounds (although it has not been confirmed if it was indeed the husband’s gun used in the killing). He, however, has been arrested on murder charges. 

There may at times be indicators that one involved in a divorce case is capable of such rash action. A history of domestic violence may be one of them (though it was not reported whether the couple mentioned here had ever dealt with such issues). Still, those in fear that the extreme emotion their ex-spouses are experiencing could cause them to react violently may want seek protection from them. An attorney may be able to help secure such resources.