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Fight for possession of your future by challenging drug charges

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Criminal Defense

If you stand accused of drug possession, you may be facing a variety of potential consequences, some of which could have a significant impact on your life. A conviction for drug charges carries serious penalties that could affect your employment opportunities and leave you facing extensive monetary fees.

Perhaps you maintain your innocence and wish to challenge the drug charges against you. Without the necessary legal knowledge, this could prove to be an intimidating endeavor, and you may find it beneficial to seek guidance before deciding on a path.

Challenging drug possession charges

The first step to forming a strong defense for drug charges is to gain an understanding of your rights and available legal options. There are a variety of scenarios in which you might find yourself accused of similar offenses, and some common ways to challenge possession charges may include:

  • Wrongful accusations: Perhaps you were unknowingly in possession of narcotics or the drugs belonged to someone else. If you can prove that the drugs don’t belong to you, the charges against you could disappear.
  • Violation of rights: During the search and seizure process, you have rights that must uphold, and if one violates your rights in any way, your case may result in a dismissal of the charges.
  • Lack of evidence: Prosecutors must typically present evidence of drug possession against you in court, and if they fail to do so, or if one tampers with the evidence in any way, the court may reduce or drop the charges against you entirely.
  • Analysis of substance: In some cases, what appears to be a drug could be something else, and the court could dismiss your case if an analysis of the substance indicates that it isn’t an illegal narcotic.

It may also be possible that you felt pressured into carrying illegal drugs or that someone placed drugs in your house or vehicle without your knowledge. Regardless of how you reach this point, it might be in your best interest to speak to someone with experience in the area for guidance on how to proceed.

Forming a strategy

With the potential weight of a conviction for drug possession charges looming overhead, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the process. Since the criminal justice system can be complex, you might find it advisable to consult with someone who is knowledgeable in federal and Kentucky state drug possession laws for advice on forming a strong defense. By obtaining guidance early in the process, you could become better prepared to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable during court proceedings.