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Challenges that truck drivers face

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Truck Accidents

The trucking industry has long been known for its vital role in the American economy. It has also been known to involve long and grueling hours. With Kentucky’s truck drivers putting in impressive work hours each week, many may wonder when, exactly, employees get to rest. Although exhaustion is evident in countless lines of work, the trucking industry is currently grappling with burnout among its drivers, as well as issues involving employee health. 

Forbes spent time last August considering the challenges of the trucking industry, mentioning that many of the country’s workers have turned to trucking as a second job. Whether a primary or secondary form of employment, the question remains: do truckers get adequate rest and food while on the job? According to Forbes, not only do truck drivers deal with a lonely environment; they also face limited meal options on the road and long hours of sitting down. Over time, these factors of the job can become exhausting and even harmful. However, the demand for workers in this industry, as Forbes shares, remains high, with an estimated expected need of 890,000 new drivers by 2025. 

Trucks magazine also looks at some of the issues found in truck driving that challenge drivers every day. In addition to the struggle of driver retention, Trucks states that the industry could also use some change in regard to its worker safety and health. For instance, a wider selection of exercise outlets for truckers could help them maintain proper health while away from home. Healthier food options could also make a major difference. Trucks notes that the better the working conditions are for employees, the more likely they will stay in the position long-term.