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How many drivers are distracted by cell phones?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

The digital age has transformed the way people live, from social interactions to conducting business. In many ways, smartphones and other technological advancements have improved lives significantly. Unfortunately, technology also has downsides, such as leading to more drivers becoming distracted by their gadgets. Whether you use a cell phone regularly or are worried about the likelihood of being struck by someone on their phone, it is important to look over statistics on how prevalent distracted driving due to cell phones really is.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published upsetting information on cell phones and distracted driving. According to the NHTSA, roughly 660,000 people use their cell phones while operating a vehicle during daylight hours. Often, this behavior does not result in an accident and those who fail to drive responsibly are able to continue on without upending lives, including their own. However, with so many people on their phones while driving, it is inevitable that some of them will cause an accident.

Cell phone use is especially prevalent among younger drivers, but drivers of all ages can become distracted by phones while behind the wheel. Whether someone is trying to send a text message to their friend, read an email, or gather information online, cell phones are a major distraction and can have disastrous consequences when a driver fails to keep their eyes on the road or fully devote their attention to driving. Sadly, more people will continue to irresponsibly text and use their phone while driving and the victims of these wrecks deserve justice.