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Wrongful battery charges and the consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Any kind of violence-related charge can create a multitude of legal issues. And while battery charges are, indeed, serious, some are not always truthful accusations. A wrongful accusation can not only be costly and time-consuming, but can damage a defendant’s reputation. What are the options in such cases? In Kentucky, even an assault charge of the fourth degree can present a number of complications for the accused.

The repercussions of an assault charge can be serious, yet the law also protects defendants from malicious or dishonest accusations. An article in the Lexington Herald Leader reports on such a case, wherein a 19-year-old woman accused a former University of Kansas baseketball player of physically harming her at a party. As a result, the young man faced a misdemeanor battery charge — but the charge did not last long. After video footage from the scene revealed that the woman, in fact, first inflicted harm upon the defendant, she pleaded guilty to battering him. In cases such as these, determining who initiated the violence can often prove difficult. The woman involved was later arrested for driving while under the influence, only worsening her credibility. Meanwhile, the basketball player is free from all past charges.

Not all battery charges are proven to be faulty, as seen in a report by CBS News. According to CBS, former Kentucky basketball player and Morehead State coach faced a misdemeanor battery charge in December 2016 for allegedly pushing one of his players. The coach was suspended when he yelled at and pushed the player, but is currently dealing with much more serious consequences. Whether a wrongful accusation in the aforementioned case or an accurate charge, the primary goal for defendants is to save reputations and move on with life.