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Domestic violence prompts former reality TV star to seek divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2017 | Divorce

Domestic violence is a dirty little secret that many married couples in Richmond may be harboring. Oftentimes, the spouses that are experiencing such abuse would like nothing more than to end their marriages, yet they fear that any attempts to do so may simply prompt more violence. Worse yet, they may believe that their abusers will then extend their wrath to their children, their extended families or even their friends. Thus, many choose to suffer in silence, thinking that there is no escape from the nightmare they are being forced to live. 

There actually may be a way, and it starts by seeking a protective order. That was the action taken by a former reality television show star after she was allagedly involved in a domestic dispute with her husband. While the details of the abuse she claims to have suffered were not provided, they reportedly stemmed from a single encounter. Through her attorney, the woman has stated that her primary concern in this situation is the safety of her 15-month old daughter, to whom the alleged attacker is also the father. The woman also filed for divorce along with seeking her restraining order, thus taking the first steps to officially end the couple’s 10-month marriage. 

Cases of domestic violence (whether they involve a single incident or ongoing abuse) can quickly get ugly, especially when there are children involved. It is for this reason that victims of such abuse should know that they do indeed have resources available to them to offer protection for both them and their loved one’s should they leave their spouses. Assistance is also available should they wish to end their marriages. That may come in the form of an experienced attorney. 

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