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Woman accuses fellow National Guard members of sexual assault

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Criminal Defense

When accusations of sexual assault are made, a moral conflict may ensue amongst many in Richmond. The immediate reaction may be to have sympathy for the alleged victim, while at the same time, there may also be a hesitancy to rush to judgement in condemning the accused. Many cases of alleged sexual assault involve encounters between people with an established relationship where one may act upon perceived indicators of the other’s desires to escalate their level of intimacy, only to later be accused of forcing him or herself upon the other. In such a case, all facts surrounding the incident should be considered when attempting to determine the true nature of an encounter.

Such factors are currently being contemplated by prosecuting attorneys following the arrest of four members of the Kentucky National Guard for sexual assault. The suspects, all of whom are men, are accused of raping and sodomizing a fellow female member of the guard in a local hotel room during their annual training exercises. All four men have since been released on bond. Both the prosecutor and the attorney of one of the defendants have confirmed that alcohol was involved in the encounter, with the defense attorney claiming that any action that occurred was consensual.

While it may be simple to side with a victim in such a case, it should be remembered that those accused also have the right to have their stories considered. While such scenarios need not necessarily devolve into attempts to impugn the characters of those involved, one should not shy away from stating the facts of a case in his or her defense. The courage and resolve to do some may come much easier if one has the assistance of a skilled attorney.

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